Are you licenced?

Yes, we are fully licensed by North east Derbyshire Council for up to 15 dogs (including our 2 sausages), ensuring we meet strict health and safety requirements. Our license is available for anyone to view when they visit. 

Is food provided for
my dogs stay?

We ask that you provide your dogs usual food as to not upset their stomach during their stay. 

What if my dog doesn’t
settle during its stay ? 

We normally find dogs settle in quickly once they’ve had a good walk become acquainted with the new smells. We also have a FREE ‘Meet & Greet’ service, where your dog will meet our very own Betty and Oswald sausages. 

This simply entails a short walk so the dogs can get familiar with one another, then half an hour in our home, getting comfortable with new smells and surroundings. This gives both you and us a good understanding of how your dog will settle in. 

We can also provide updates during their stay. You can follow your Dog’s pawcation on Instagram and facebook with regular photos and video. 

Where will my dog sleep
during their stay ? 

We have lots of rooms for dogs to sleep in. We keep their routine as similar to your home routine as possible. However we don’t normally allow boarding dogs upstairs. We suggest that you bring your dogs basket and bedding so they have a familiar smell. 

What do I need to
provide for my dogs stay? 

Just provide your dogs usual food and treats. We have plenty of bowls, leads and comfy baskets although you may wish to provide a blanket so your dog has a familiar scent to help them settle in. 

What methods of
payment do you accept? 

Payment can be made in cash or cheque or credit card or bank transfer 

Does my dog need to
wear an ID tag? 

Yes by law a dog must wear a tag bearing its owner’s name and address whenever it is in a public place. We also have our own collars which we use with our telephone number on. 

What do you do in
an emergency? 

In the unlikely event of an emergency, we will call and notify you immediately. In our initial consultation, we ensure we have all your emergency contact details. If veterinary assistance is needed, we will take your pet to your named vet or, depending on the circumstances, to the nearest possible one. We carry pet first aid kits onboard incase of emergencies. 

Do you walk dogs off lead ?

All our dogs are walked on the lead unless in a secure private area. We have access to a secure private field which the dogs will use once a day. The other walk will be a on lead walk. 

How many dogs are
walked at one time? 

We are insured to walk up to 6 dogs at a time or we can walk one on one if required. We have 2 people on our licence that can walk dogs so we will often walk together in two groups. 

What time are you open?

We are very flexible. No set hours for boarding. For day care we do ask the dogs are dropped and collected between certain times. 8am-6pm 

Are you insured? 

We are fully insured with Pet Plan Sanctuary. Documents available on request. 

What about training? 

We are able to access and behaviour specialist when needed should any problems arise.